Wood taken from the door casings and jams in our 1921 home was used to construct this table. When we purchased our home in 2006 there were 3 variations of trim throughout the house. Wanting to bring uniformity to our home, we’ve decided to update room by room and replace the variety of trim work with eight inch colonial baseboard, fluted door casing with rosettes and 3 inch crown molding.

Storing the old trim in our basement for several years, I decided tomake use of it by making a few pieces of needed furniture.


Trimmed the rounded corners to square and joined the wider pieces together using the Kreg jig and┬ápocket-holes. Gluing and clamping the more narrow pieces together made perfect dimensions for legs. Sanding and finishing the piece with stains and polyurethane I’ve had for a number of years produced a nice looking, solid wood, custom piece of usable furniture.

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